Hi I’m Jim - thanks for dropping by!

I’m a documentary style wedding photographer from Manchester who lives and works between Zürich and Amsterdam. A little bit complicated, I know! Here’s how I ended up moving around over the last few years - Back in 2013 I met my Swiss girlfriend who was visiting Manchester. Since then we decided to move to her home city of Zürich for a few years, where I ended up photographing over 50 weddings! And now she is re-training as a physiotherapist in Amsterdam! Which means I am currently taking bookings in this beautiful city.

My approach to photographing weddings

Instead of writing a few cliche’s about how I don’t like posed, cheesy photos - here’s a few quotes from the feedback I’ve had over the years which meant a lot to me… ‘It was more like having a friend at their wedding’ - ‘they couldn’t believe how I managed to capture such beautiful moments so discreetly’ - ‘it was like being brought back to every single moment of their day’ - ‘you have a gift for capturing peoples personality with creativity’ - ‘Jim is not only a great photographer but a true gentlemen’ (haha I do try!).

This feedback sums up my unobtrusive, documentary and friendly approach to photographing weddings and actually inspires me to continue photographing weddings to this day!

My background

I initially went to art and design college, I then studied graphic design at university, and I finally specialized in photography. My first business was creating prints for photographers, and I found myself spending too much time working with other peoples images and not enough time creating my own work - so around 7 years ago, I decided to go full time as a photographer, and have someone else print my work instead!

My other passions in life

Surfing is my main hobby, but leading an active and healthy lifestyle is what truly makes me tick, which means I spend most of my free time outside, away from screens, social media and stuff like that!

On that note, feel free to check out my Instagram - a combination of my wedding work, and me spending time outside photographing daily life on the streets, away from technology!