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Folio Albums
Where they began - Folio Albums have captured the attention of professional photographers all over the world. Since their launch in 2010, their books have become the industry standard that others have tried to emulate.

They haven’t meddled with the original format. Images are printed directly on to the page and each double spread opens out flat with an almost invisible crease so your photographic art can be displayed across two pages. Hand-bound and using the finest quality cover materials, papers and inks.


Hand-crafted with premium papers & inks


The outstanding quality of their handmade albums gives your wedding photos a place to shine and they don’t compromise on any element of their creation. There’s the clever design, careful by-hand construction in their workshop, and the use of high-end papers and print techniques. The albums are crafted to be cherished for a lifetime.

Their fine art papers are truly worthy of their place inside the handmade albums and marry beautifully with the pigment-based inks. Their papers are selected to last a lifetime and have an impeccable, sustainable provenance.



Proud to be square


The square, in all of its simplicity and harmony, played a central role in Roman architecture and Folio Albums see no reason to unsettle the equilibrium.

The Fine Art Books come in square form so we can bring balance to your images whether portrait or landscape.

The styles are available in dimensions of 12”x12” & 10”x10”. In addition, our Fine Art Books can be ordered in mini, replicate 6x6” album format, perfect for parents.


Life's better when it's green

Care & Sustainability

Eco-friendly products that last a lifetime.

Cover board – FSC certified 100% recycled material
Paper – Art White from sustainable sources
Paper – Art Cotton PEFC certified from sustainable sources
Leather – sourced from suppliers committed to sustainability and the ethical treatment of animals
End sheets – 100% from sustainable sources
End boards – 90% recycled, 10% from sustainable sources




Sizes / Prices / Cover & Colour Options/ Personalisation /
Images & Ordering


Album Sizes & Prices

Wedding photography albums are available in the following sizes and come with a minimum of 30 pages:

25x25cm (10x10") = CHF 950
30x30cm (12x12") = CHF 1100

Album Pages & Prices

The following number of pages are available in both album sizes:

30 page album (prices quoted above)
40 page album + CHF 150
50 page album + CHF 290
60 page album + CHF 420

If you would like to increase the number of images that you can have in your album then upgrading the number of pages is highly recommended.

Replicate Albums (perfect for parents!)

15x15cm (6x6") mini replicate albums are great for your parents to have as a memory from your special day.

Base price for a 30 page mini replicate album =  CHF 390

40 page mini replicate album + CHF 50
50 page mini replicate album + CHF 90
60 page mini replicate album + CHF 120


Cover Materials & Colours

*Essential Cotton

This is a beautiful range of high quality, 100% cotton colours.
Essential Cotton is available on both main albums and replica parent albums.

Available in the following colours:

1 - Maroon #922932 | 2 - Peppermint #5C7775
3 - Spice #C74E36 | 4 - Woodland #8E7E5F
5 - Carbon #54575C | 6 - Denim #3B6584
7 - Hop #96966E | 8 - Pebble - #ACA6A7


*Contemporary Leather

Each Contemporary Leather shade has unique attributes but all are genuine natural leathers of the
finest quality and durability sourced from manufacturers with strict animal welfare policies.


Available in the following colours:

1 - Blush #D2B1AE | 2 - Nut Brown #2F241E
3 - Jade #98B1A2 | 4 - Pillar Box Red #8A1F26
5 - Saddle #6D4429 | 6 - Light Mist #C3C0BB
7 - Airforce Blue #3A5163 | 8 - Honey #D3B255



Images & Album design

The number images you can have in your album depends on the number of pages you choose. Here's how it works.

30 page album = Up to approximately 50 images
40 page album = Up to approximately 65 images
50 page album = Up to approximately 80 images
60 page album = Up to approximately 95 images

Once you have selected which album size and the number of pages you would like, I will ask you to make some image selections which I can use to start designing your album.

I have lots of experience in design and thoroughly enjoy making stylish wedding photography albums! Once I have designed your album using your image selections I will send you a design proof link - so you can see how each page will look. You will be able to approve the design for each page or if you would like something changing, simply add a comment.



For that extra special finishing touch, your names can be printed or embossed on to the front cover of your wedding album. My suppliers imprint the letters beautifully into the cover without ink or foil for a stylish and elegant feel that’s simply wonderful to the touch.


Packaging, Turnaround Times & Shipping

Once you are happy with your wedding photography album, my suppliers will get to work hand-crafting your album. This takes around 15-20 working days to produce. Your album will arrive wrapped in a natural cotton sleeve, packaged using an Eco-friendly craft presentation box and shipped directly to your door within 5-7 working days.


Ordering Information

Please enter your order details using the form below and I will get back to you via email with a quote for the full cost of your wedding photography album and how to make your image selections. Many thanks!