Non-obtrusive, documentary style wedding photography.

This is your special day and it should be all about you and your love for each other – whether it’s an intimate ceremony, a large family gathering or an elopement. You want to capture your commitment to each other and the joy in your relationship.

To have timeless memories of your friends and family joining in the celebration. Of all the important people in your life being there for this memorable occasion.

It all comes together on a wedding day so it’s very important that you can relax and enjoy the magic unfolding around you. In the confidence that you can simply be yourself and that someone is there documenting everything for you. The big moments but also the small ones – a gesture, an expression, a touch or a smile, which are often just as important and moving. Someone capturing you, the emotions and the character of the day as it really was.

For me, wedding photography is about telling the story of your day, from start to finish. From you getting ready to the first dance to your favourite song. And about everything in between that. The nervousness, the excitement, the joy, the reunions, the tears – the love.