Irene + Xavier, Wedding Photography Madrid


Colourful, passionate, emotional, warm-hearted, fun, flamboyant, charming... and very Spanish! These are the first things that spring to mind when I think back to Irene and Xavier's delightful wedding in a traditonal little village called Portillo, in rural Toledo about 2 hours north of Madrid. I've experienced many different types of weddings in my career as a wedding photographer, and I pride myself on documenting the story of the day with authenticity and creativity.  Real raw emotion, humour and love combined with interesting light, shadows, contrasts and busy compositions are the things that instinctively draw me in; the desire to get up close and tell the story of these incredible times that are born out of the love for two people and their friends coming together to celebrate this ridiculously joyful day. Irene & Xavier's wedding story had it all for me. From my perspective it was like being a kid in a candy shop, surrounded by every element that makes an amazing wedding day. And the real icing on the cake was that they are truly an awesome couple and so obviously in love with each other. And of course their Spanish family was the most big-hearted, friendly bunch of people you could ever imagine and made me stuff myself with platefuls of the delicious local jamón serrano all day long in between taking shots of them having the best time. From the beautiful ceremony in the old castle, to the tapas on the porch by the river, to the the amazing, four-hour long dinner and of course the Spanish party dancing at the end, in which absolutely everyone, from 4-year old nephews to the 90 year old abuela got involved, the day was just full of highlights and it was an honour to be there and capture it all. Enjoy and viva los novios!