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I'm Jim and I document wedding stories. If you're not into the whole posing for cheesy photos kind of thing, and instead, just want to have an awesome time on your wedding day - then you're in the right place! My photography style can be described as reportage, wedding photojournalism, authentic stoy telling (etc, etc) however, I like to simply call it creative documentary photography - and with a smile! I think this sums it up pretty well. I'm there to tell the story of your wedding day, just as it happens and with a creative touch. But I also pride myself on putting everyone at ease on your wedding day. I like to fit in with the guests, be polite, accommodating, friendly, sociable and discreet. Good photography is of course about creating good images and this involves how well you interact with your subject, after all.

My approach tends to be a good fit for relaxed couples who see their wedding primarily as a celebration of love with their favourite people (rather than something serious where everything has to be perfect!). I mean, the day will of course be seriously good fun, and everyone will have a seriously good time, but I believe that this should be the focus on your wedding day - leaving you to enjoy every moment with your family and friends in the knowledge that someone is there to capture all the best bits (big and small) from your special day.

Scroll down or click here to see my work - if you're not into it, no worries, but if you are - I'd love to hear from you, wherever you are in the world. Let me know a bit about your wedding day and I'll get back with my brochure, pricing and an invitation to get to know each other over a beer (or share one over Skype if that's how it has to be!).

Cheers, Jim :-)