Sydney Wedding Photographer


Hi, I'm Jim, thanks for dropping by! I'm a destination, documentary wedding photographer working between Australasia and Europe. My photography style is all about telling wedding stories aunthentically - unposed, unobstrusive and unscripted. To find out more about me and my approach to photography - click here

So you might be wondering why I'm working between Australasia and Europe (mainly Sydney and Zürich to be precise)! Well it's quite simple really, I love to surf, I love the Australians, I love the Kiwis & I have lots of friends here! So that's why I always visit over the summer, and come winter, I'm back to Europe where I currently live in my girlfriends home town of Zürich, Switzerland. Please feel free to view my wedding collection below and if you like my approach or have any questions, I'd love to hear from you! Thank you!



Travel Schedule for 2017/18

March - October 2017: Europe, Zürich based
November - December 2017: Europe, Lisbon based
January - April 2018:  Australia & New Zealand, Sydney based
May - August 2018: Europe, Zürich based
September - December 2018: Australia & New Zealand, Sydney based


If you are getting married somewhere nearby during these dates and would like to check my availablilty, please don't hesitate get in touch. You don't have to be in exactly the same area, I'm always open to hear about your weddigns plans, wherever you're tying the knot :-)