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We’re still digesting all this wonderful material (hence why I’m still up at this hour on a Monday night - probably won’t be able to sleep :D) but just to say a massive thank you - the pictures are INCREDIBLE! They immediately bring me back to every single moment of our special day. This is also the feedback we have received from many of our guests: your pictures managed to capture every moment in such a fashion that looking at them feels like reliving that moment. We can’t thank you enough for that!
— Lynn & Bastian
Hey Jim! Thank you so much for the amazing photos!! They tell such an authentic story of our wedding day, full of emotions, cheer, happiness and beauty! My godmother told me that no one has ever taken a picture of her that captures so much joy and lightheartedness in all her 54 years! Last night we all got together and everyone really loves your photos, often the reactions are ‘wow, I didn’t even realise he was taking a photo at that moment!’ :-) Really amazing style! You were definately the right choice for us, we hope to see you again in the future!
— Leandra & Ivo
We couldn’t have hoped for a better photographer! Jim’s pictures really captured the vibe of our wedding and will always be a great memory of our big day. If you want to be able to relive your wedding day over and over again, you have to book Jim!
— Stephi & David
@ceeline15: Thanks @jim.parker for making our day!@viking_sandwich: You’re awesome! Very cool, @jim.parker! We love the photos.
— Caroline & Josh
I’m so glad we have chosen you as our photographer. I can’t imagine anybody else capturing the feelings better than you have done. You find that special way to capture the moment, choosing the right angle and distance. You know exactly the right perspective and focus. I just wanted to make sure that you know how much we appreciated your work :) We’re really in love with them.
— Andjola & Philippe
I cried when I saw our wedding photos as it is the most amazing thing you have blessed us with. The whole day went so fast and was a little hazy with all the excitement but seeing the images has truly re-sparked all our beautiful memories. I’m blown away by how creative and professional you are and more than anything I love how intensely you manage to capture human emotion at the perfect moment. Every single person photographed tells a story and I almost cried when I saw the pic with Sophie and her big blue eyes lost in your lens.
— Sarinah & Pablo
What you have given us is the most beautiful thing I could have ever imagined. To have the most special day in our lives captured with such creativity, emotion, character, love..... I could go on forever! We simply can’t thank you enough.
— Martha & Sam
Some people have the gift of telling stories by words. Others, like you, own the gift of bringing back memories through photography. Meeting you was a brilliant moment. Now you have a special spot in our hearts. We love the photos: the spirit, the light, the moments in the car, the dancing, the joy of being there. You’ve done an amazing job. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! And please, feel totally free to contact us if you plan visiting Spain or catch up with us, it will be a pleasure to have you. THANK YOU VERY MUCH and very best wishes.
— Irene & Xavier
Jim is not only a great photographer but a true gentleman. He brings you ease during the hectic day. He is a very genuine person and that is probably one of the reasons that he captures the moments with most emotion. Jim is also very professional, he knows what he is doing and is very organized as well. We couldn’t be happier to have him as our photographer.
— Hannah & Rainer
Hi Jim! Thank you so much! You’ve done a fantastic job! I love the realness of all the photos, it really documents the day so perfectly and the slideshow is like watching a video in real time... I have watched it about 20 times already.. there are also some beautiful ones of the children which is excatly what I was hoping for so thank you! We are so please we chose you to be there on the day, I think you have a real talent and wish you all the very best for your career ahead!!!
— Emilia & John
Many thanks Jim for the lovely pictures! We like so much that you were able to capture the emotions and the excitement despite the unpredicted weather ;) We love the clarity and vividness of the black and white artistic shots - they are so moving, like telling a story. Wishing you more success.
— Ester & Simone
We got them - totally blown away!!! We love them all. You were everywhere and got so many wee moments - relived the day all over again. Your blog photos are great too. We can’t wait to share them all. Next time you’re in town, give us a shout - we owe you a beer for sure! Thanks again, keep in touch, Chris and Jacq.
— Chris & Jacq
Thank you so much for the photos Jim! They are wonderful! We are so happy with them and all of our guests who checked out your website were speechless. They said you are a true artist! So so true!!!
— Sabrina & Marco
Thank you so much for the wonderful photos of our wedding day! It was a pleasure to have you with us on our special day Jim. Thank you so much for being with us, for capturing all the beautiful moments, the emotions and the smiles :-)
— Christina & Steve