The bee is a symbol of the city of Manchester and it’s hard working past during the industrial revolution - the ‘worker bees’ were grafting in the textile mills during this period - otherwise known as ‘the beehives’.


Since having been brought up close to the city, having lived and worked their for many years and still regularly returning whenever possible to visit friends and family - I still feel a strong connection to the city, it’s people and the creative community that has been a defining characteristic of Manchester over the years.


As I now live and work outside of the UK, it’s really important for me to remember my roots, to appreciate the down to earth nature of it’s people and unprecedented friendlessness - something which isn’t always experienced elsewhere and that I look back to in Manchester with great fondness.


I also tend to move around a lot (and travel for weddings), my girlfriend is Swiss (I currently live in Zürich - her home town) and we plan to move again in the future. So for me, the bee also symbolises movement and travel.


It’s final symbolisation / inspiration is to keep pushing myself creatively - as I said, Manchester is well-known for it’s creative output and this is something that is always present in my mind.